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Understanding VA Non Allowable Loan Fees

When you’re in the process of purchasing a home, closing costs can quickly accumulate. However, if you’re utilizing a VA loan for your home purchase, specific rules dictate which fees lenders can charge you. Fortunately, VA loans come with a list of non-allowable fees, helping you manage your closing costs effectively. Here’s a breakdown of […]

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Closing Disclosure Explained

Closing Disclosure Explained The Closing Disclosure is a comprehensive five-page document that furnishes conclusive details regarding the mortgage loan you’ve chosen. It outlines the loan terms, provides a projection of your monthly payments, and delineates the fees and additional costs associated with obtaining your mortgage, commonly referred to as closing costs. Mandatory by regulation, the […]

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Understanding Loan Origination Fees

Understanding Loan Origination Fees When diving into the mortgage process, various fees emerge, with one common charge being the loan origination fee imposed by your mortgage broker for initiating your loan. These fees are not set in stone and can vary among brokers. Closing costs encompass the loan origination fee along with other charges like […]