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The Foreclosure Process

Foreclosure is a legal process through which a lender reclaims a property from a borrower who has defaulted on their mortgage payments. This process is initiated when the borrower fails to meet the terms of the mortgage agreement, leading to the lender taking ownership of the property. The foreclosure process involves several steps, and the […]

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The Title Company

The Title Companyfor Buyers & Sellers A title company serves a vital role for both the buyer and the seller in a real estate sales transaction. Here’s an overview of what a title company does for each party: For the Buyer Title Search The title company conducts a thorough title search to examine public records […]

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Closing Disclosure Explained

Closing Disclosure Explained The Closing Disclosure is a comprehensive five-page document that furnishes conclusive details regarding the mortgage loan you’ve chosen. It outlines the loan terms, provides a projection of your monthly payments, and delineates the fees and additional costs associated with obtaining your mortgage, commonly referred to as closing costs. Mandatory by regulation, the […]

Mortgage Loans

Home Affordable Mortgage

Home Affordable Mortgage – HomeReady & Home Possible The Fannie Mae HomeReady Mortgage Loan and the Freddie Mac Home Possible Mortgage Loan are both programs aimed at helping low to moderate-income borrowers with limited downpayment resources. While they have similarities, there are some differences between the two. It’s important to note that specific details may […]

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Understanding the Mortgage Application Process

Understanding the Mortgage Application Process The mortgage application process involves several steps from the initial application to the closing of the loan. Here’s an overview of each stage: Preparation and Research Selecting a Lender Property Search and Offer Formal Mortgage Application Loan Processing Underwriting Loan Approval and Closing Disclosure Pre-Closing Preparations Closing Post-Closing When you […]

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Tax Auctions: Strategic Networking for the Real Estate Professional

Tax Auctions: Strategic Networking for the Real Estate Professional Attending tax auctions can be a strategic networking move for real estate agents, especially when aiming to connect with real estate investors. Here’s how and why it can be beneficial: Identifying Potential Clients Tax auctions often attract real estate investors looking for properties with potential for […]

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Explore Flexible Mortgage Terms: Choose Any Duration Between 8 and 30 Years

Explore Flexible Mortgage Terms: Choose Any Duration Between 8 and 30 Years Having the flexibility to choose a mortgage loan term ranging from 8 to 30 years offers numerous benefits for borrowers. Customized repayment period means borrowers can tailor the loan term to their financial situation and goals. Shorter terms, like 8 to 20 years, […]

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Keeping Your Lead Data in Check: A Must!

In the real estate industry, following up with leads is paramount for several reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates proactive engagement and responsiveness, instilling confidence in potential clients. Timely follow-ups also help to nurture relationships, keeping your services at the forefront of the client’s mind as they make crucial decisions. Additionally, in a competitive market, swift and […]

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Advantages of Realtor® – Mortgage Broker Relationships

Exploring the Advantages of a Collaborative Relationship Between Real Estate Professionals and Mortgage Brokers Are you a real estate professional seeking to forge a successful alliance with a loan officer? Cultivating a robust partnership with Treasury Funds Home Loans, Inc. holds immense benefits for both parties, resulting in a higher number of successfully closed deals. […]

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Origination Fee Reduction Program

TFHL Inc Home Loan Origination Fee Reduction Program Under the TFHL Inc Home Loan Origination Fee Reduction Program, TFHL, Inc. is slashing its mortgage loan origination fees to a mere 0.50 points, offering an unprecedented reduction for borrowers. Throughout this period, Treasury Funds Home Loans, Inc. will be originating mortgage loans with a minimal mortgage […]